Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation is crucial for your success. As Warren Buffet put it, ‘it takes years to build a reputation and only a few minutes to ruin it completely’. Your company could lose a lot of business due to a single comment posted on an unsatisfied customer’s social profile. Many consumers today admit that the information they find online influences their purchasing decisions. What will potential customers find out about you when they search for information online? Think about this seriously. If people do not feel impressed by what they see online, they are likely to turn to your competitor. If that happens, you will have lost business, which will be difficult to regain. Remember that bad news spreads like a wild fire. People like to share information. The bad comments about your business will be spread throughout the internet and you’ll lose out on a lot more business.

How we can help

Our online reputation management services aim at giving you the power to manage what others see about your brand or you on the internet. As the internet continues to grow and information technology continues to gain more importance, bad reviews, critical news or criticism on any online platform is undesirable for business.

  • Our services include:

    We’ll manage your online reputation through:

    Constant monitoring

    We’ll keep track of mentions of your brand throughout the internet. We will ensure that we are always aware of any comments or mentions of your brand as soon as they are visible to search engines.

  • Control of search engine mechanisms

    We apply advanced methods to control search engine mechanisms. We ensure that search results pages remain focused on those pages that provide positive information about your brand.

  • Reducing any negative PR

    We will ensure the reduction of negative PR about your brand. We will contact any websites featuring negative reviews and ensure that their removal.

  • Providing positive PR

    We will provide you with avenues for positive PR. Our content writers will provide news articles and press releases distributed to the most appropriate websites to engage your readers.

  • Nurturing positive reviews

    We will work to improve your image by ensuring that previous happy customers provide reviews on your services or products.

Investing in online reputation management will translate into profits. It is an important part of promoting your brand. Reputation management is an effective mechanism of ensuring that you retain your current customers while making many more.

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